Thursday September 13th - Sunday September 16th, 2018


Camping Zeeburg offers several different options to stay.

Most accomodations are now fully booked.

Still available are:


  • tentpitches, price per person per night: € 8,-


Booked cabins and wagonettes will be available from 14:00 hrs on your day of arrival. All beds have a duvet, pillow and bed linen, so no need to bring a sleeping bag. You’ll also find a table, chairs, cupboard, electricity and heating in the cabins and wagonettes. But do bring your own towels.

You’ll find plenty of clean toilets and free showers in a nearby separate building.




As in most capitals, parking space for cars (and trailers) is very limited, so the best way to come is riding your bike!

But if you do come by car, we highly recommend you to reserve parking space on the sign-in form. If you don't, we cannot guarantee any parking space. Street parking in the vicinity is often difficult, and certainly very much more expensive!

Parking fee for a car is € 6,- per day. Unfortunately, as we have to rent additional space, this goes for trailers as well: parking fee for trailers is an extra € 6,- per day. If you bring a caravan, the parking fee is included in the price for your car+caravan pitch.

As we have to plan for parking arrangements, please let us know if you intend to come by car, and if you want to bring a caravan or a trailer. You can indicate this on the sign-in form.

During the Ariel rally there is no parking fee for motorcycles.



On arrival: go to cabin 13, which will be the ARIEL Rally HQ during the rally. It will be signposted and easy to find within a short walking distance of the gate and reception area. We will provide you then with your key or label, the Rally-information pack and a warm welcome. For each key/label supplied we have to charge a deposit of € 20,- Of course this will be refunded when you return your key(s)/label(s).

If you do come by car, please leave your car in the outside parking area until you’ve signed-in at cabin 13. You‘ll then receive a card that allows you to park on the campsite.

Please make sure to arrive before 22.00 hrs! If you should arrive after 22.00 hrs (you never know what can happen), the gate will be closed. However, there is a small gate for pedestrians with a night guard on duty. He will ask for your wristband as I.D. If it's your first arrival and you don't have a wristband, call us on our mobile and we'll try to sort it out.

This way you can enter the campsite after 22.00 hrs with your motorcycle, but you’ll have to switch off the engine and walk in order not to disturb other guests.


All accommodations must be vacated at 10.00 hrs latest on the day of departure. Please return your cabin/wagonette key or label to cabin 13.

If you’ve extended your stay, please return your key or label at the reception of Camping Zeeburg.

For Sunday we will provide for a safe place to leave your luggage until your departure after the morning run. Tents, campervans and caravans can stay all day.


Cancellation Policy of Camping Zeeburg:

  • For any cancellation:

you pay € 15,- admin fee.

  • Up to 14 days prior to your arrival date:

a refund of 100% minus € 15,- admin fee.

  • Between 14 and 7 days prior to your arrival date:

a refund of 50% minus € 15 admin fee.

  • Within 7 days prior to your planned arrival date:

nothing will be refunded.

We’d like to thank Jolanda and Lobke of Camping Zeeburg for their positive and constructive cooperation in making this rally happen!

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Some FAQ's that might be useful:

There are lockers on the campsite, which you can use against a € 20,00 deposit. However, these lockers are quite small and only useful to keep documents, paper money and cellphones in.

There is no electricity for tents. You can charge phones and batteries for free at the reception.

Environmental rule

All delivery van-type vehicles with a diesel engine built before the year 2000 are being banned from the inner city, the “Milieuzone”.

Camping Zeeburg lies within this zone.

If you're bringing this type of van, you're risking getting a fine.

The good news is that the environmental rule does not apply to campervans!

The 2018 annual AOMCC rally is organised by Marco Boelis, Anke Nobel and Herman Noort, members of the Dutch Arielclub. We do our best to make this a memorable event and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Have a safe journey!


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